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Meaning of word go off from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

go off (verb)

Meaning : Run away. Usually includes taking something or somebody along.

Example : The thief made off with our silver.
The accountant absconded with the cash from the safe.

Synonyms : abscond, absquatulate, bolt, decamp, make off, run off

Meaning : Be discharged or activated.

Example : The explosive devices went off.

जलती हुई वस्तु का बंद हो जाना।

बत्ती बुझ गई।
गुल होना, बुझना

दिवा इत्यादीचे बंद होणे.

दिवा विझला.

Meaning : Go off or discharge.

Example : The gun fired.

Synonyms : discharge, fire

अस्त्र का चलना।

युद्ध में दोनों तरफ से बाण छूट रहे थे।
चलना, छुटना, छूटना

अस्त्र इत्यादी कार्यरत होणे.

किल्यावरून भराभर बाण सुटत होते.
चालणे, सुटणे

Meaning : Stop running, functioning, or operating.

Example : Our power went off during the hurricane.

किसी चीज का विद्यमान न रहना।

बिजली अभी-अभी गई।
चला जाना, जाना

Start running, functioning, or operating.

The lights went on.
The computer came up.
come on, come up, go on

Meaning : Happen in a particular manner.

Example : How did your talk go over?.

Synonyms : come off, go over

Meaning : Burst inward.

Example : The bottle imploded.

Synonyms : implode

Burst outward, usually with noise.

The champagne bottle exploded.
burst, explode