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Meaning of word attached from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

attached (adjective)

Meaning : Being joined in close association.

Example : Affiliated clubs.
All art schools whether independent or attached to universities.

Synonyms : affiliated, connected

सोबत मागे किंवा शेवटी जोडलेली वस्तु.

आवेदन पत्राबरोबर सर्व प्रमाणपत्रे संलग्न केली आहेत
संलग्न, सलग्न

Meaning : Used of buildings joined by common sidewalls.

Example : A block of attached houses.

Used of buildings. Standing apart from others.

Detached houses.
A detached garage.

Meaning : Associated in an exclusive sexual relationship.

Synonyms : committed

प्रेमात आसक्त असलेला.

प्रेमासक्त पुरुरव्यासाठी स्वर्ग सोडून उर्वशी धरतीवर आली.
अनुरक्त, अनुरागी, आसक्त, प्रेमासक्त

Not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship.

unattached, uncommitted

Meaning : Fond and affectionate.

Example : She was very attached to her father.