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Meaning of word conceal from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

conceal (verb)

Meaning : Prevent from being seen or discovered.

Example : Hide the money.

Synonyms : hide

आँख से ओझल करना या दूसरों की दृष्टि से बचाना।

मैंने रानी की किताब छिपा दी।
गायब करना, छिपाना, छुपाना, लुकाना

एखादी गोष्ट इतरांच्या दृष्टीपथात येणार नाही अशी ठेवणे.

मी राणीचे पुस्तक लपवले.
छपवणे, छपविणे, लपवणे, लपविणे

Make visible or noticeable.

She showed her talent for cooking.
Show me your etchings, please.

Meaning : Hold back. Keep from being perceived by others.

Example : She conceals her anger well.

Synonyms : hold back, hold in