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Meaning of word cope from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

cope (verb)

Meaning : Succeed in doing, achieving, or producing (something) with the limited or inadequate means available.

Example : We got by on just a gallon of gas.
They made do on half a loaf of bread every day.

Synonyms : contend, deal, get by, grapple, make do, make out, manage

cope (noun)

Meaning : Brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall.

Synonyms : coping, header

छत की दीवार का ऊपरी उठा हुआ भाग।

कौवा मुँडेर पर बैठकर काँव-काँव कर रहा है।
मुँडेरा, मुंडेर

पावसाचे पाणी मुरू नये, ते निघून जावे म्हणून भिंतीवरील उतरता केलेला भाग.

मुंढेरीवरून टपटप पाणी गळत होते
मुंढरी, मुंढारी, मुंढेरी, वरंडी, वरवंडी

Meaning : A long cloak. Worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions.