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Meaning of word exclusive from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

exclusive (noun)

Meaning : A news report that is reported first by one news organization.

Example : He got a scoop on the bribery of city officials.

Synonyms : scoop

exclusive (adjective)

Meaning : Not divided or shared with others.

Example : They have exclusive use of the machine.
Sole rights of publication.

Synonyms : sole

Meaning : Excluding much or all. Especially all but a particular group or minority.

Example : Exclusive clubs.
An exclusive restaurants and shops.

Including much or everything. And especially including stated limits.

An inclusive art form.
An inclusive fee.
His concept of history is modern and inclusive.
From Monday to Friday inclusive.

Meaning : Not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective.

Example : Judging a contest with a single eye.
A single devotion to duty.
Undivided affection.
Gained their exclusive attention.

Synonyms : single, undivided