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Meaning of word flicker from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

flicker (verb)

Meaning : Move back and forth very rapidly.

Example : The candle flickered.

Synonyms : flitter, flutter, quiver, waver

Meaning : Shine unsteadily.

Example : The candle flickered.

Synonyms : flick

मंद रूप से जलना।

किसान की झोपड़ी में एक दीपक टिमटिमा रहा था।

मंद जळणे.

झोपडीत दिवा मिणमिणत होता

Meaning : Flash intermittently.

Example : The lights flicked on and off.

Synonyms : flick

flicker (noun)

Meaning : A momentary flash of light.

Synonyms : glint, spark

Meaning : North American woodpecker.

Meaning : The act of moving back and forth.

Synonyms : flutter, waver