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Meaning of word fragile from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

fragile (adjective)

Meaning : Easily broken or damaged or destroyed.

Example : A kite too delicate to fly safely.
Fragile porcelain plates.
Fragile old bones.
A frail craft.

Synonyms : delicate, frail

जो दृढ़ न हो।

कमज़ोर वस्तुएँ आसानी से टूट जाती हैं।
अदृढ़, कच्चा, कमज़ोर, कमजोर, नाज़ुक, नाजुक, मुलायम, लचर

दृढ नसलेला.

तकलादू वस्तू सहज तुटतात.
कच्चा, कमजोर, तकलादू, नाजूक

Meaning : Vulnerably delicate.

Example : She has the fragile beauty of youth.

Meaning : Lacking substance or significance.

Example : Slight evidence.
A tenuous argument.
A thin plot.
A fragile claim to fame.

Synonyms : flimsy, slight, tenuous, thin