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Meaning of word homeless from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

homeless (noun)

Meaning : Someone unfortunate without housing.

Example : A homeless was found murdered in Central Park.

Synonyms : homeless person

Meaning : Poor people who unfortunately do not have a home to live in.

Example : The homeless became a problem in the large cities.

homeless (adjective)

Meaning : Without nationality or citizenship.

Example : Stateless persons.

Synonyms : stateless

Meaning : Physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security.

Example : Made a living out of shepherding dispossed people from one country to another.

Synonyms : dispossessed, roofless

बिना आवास का या जिसके पास आवास न हो।

सरयू में आयी भीषण बाढ़ ने हजारो लोगों को बेघर कर दिया।
अगतिक, अगेह, अनिकेत, अमहल, अशर्म, आवासहीन, आश्रयहीन, गृहविहीन, गृहहीन, बेघर, बेघर-बार, बेघरबार

घर नसलेला.

शासनाने पूरग्रस्त बेघर लोकांना घरासाठी आर्थिक मदत दिली.
अनिकेत, गृहहीन, बेघर