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Meaning of word join from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

join (noun)

Meaning : The shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made.

Synonyms : articulation, joint, junction, juncture

Meaning : A set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets.

Example : Let C be the union of the sets A and B.

Synonyms : sum, union

Probable antonyms of join :- disjoin, disjoint

Hindi words for join :- जोड़

join (verb)

Meaning : Become part of. Become a member of a group or organization.

Example : He joined the Communist Party as a young man.

Synonyms : fall in, get together

Meaning : Cause to become joined or linked.

Example : Join these two parts so that they fit together.

Meaning : Come into the company of.

Example : She joined him for a drink.

Meaning : Make contact or come together.

Example : The two roads join here.

Synonyms : conjoin

Meaning : Be or become joined or united or linked.

Example : The two streets connect to become a highway.
Our paths joined.
The travelers linked up again at the airport.

Synonyms : connect, link, link up, unite