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Meaning of word on from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

on (adjective)

Meaning : In operation or operational.

Example : Left the oven on.
The switch is in the on position.

Meaning : (of events) planned or scheduled.

Example : The picnic is on, rain or shine.
We have nothing on for Friday night.

Probable antonyms of on :- cancelled, off

on (adverb)

Meaning : With a forward motion.

Example : We drove along admiring the view.
The horse trotted along at a steady pace.
The circus traveled on to the next city.
Move along.
March on.

Synonyms : along

Meaning : Indicates continuity or persistence or concentration.

Example : His spirit lives on.
Shall I read on?.

Meaning : In a state required for something to function or be effective.

Example : Turn the lights on.
Get a load on.

Probable antonyms of on :- cancelled, off

Hindi words for on :- अग्रतः, आगे