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Meaning of word quadruple from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

quadruple   noun

Meaning : A set of four similar things considered as a unit.

Synonyms : quadruplet, quartet, quartette

Meaning : A quantity that is four times as great as another.

किसी वस्तु आदि की मात्रा से उतनी तीन बार और अधिक मात्रा जितनी की वह हो।

चार का चारगुना सोलह होता है।
चार गुना, चारगुना, चौगुना

quadruple   verb

Meaning : Increase fourfold.

Example : His stock earning quadrupled.

quadruple   adjective

Meaning : Having four units or components.

Example : Quadruple rhythm has four beats per measure.
Quadruplex wire.

Synonyms : four-fold, fourfold, quadruplex, quadruplicate

Meaning : Four times as great or many.

Example : A fourfold increase in the dosage.

Synonyms : four-fold, fourfold

जितना हो उससे उतना तीन बार और अधिक।

आप जितना खाते हैं, मैं उसका चौगुना खाना खा सकता हूँ।
चतुर्गुण, चार गुना, चारगुना, चौगुना


Quadruple ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Quadruple ka matlab kya hota hai?