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Meaning of word reverend from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

reverend (noun)

Meaning : A member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church.

Synonyms : clergyman, man of the cloth

Someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person.

layman, layperson, secular

Meaning : A title of respect for a clergyman.

reverend (adjective)

Meaning : Worthy of adoration or reverence.

Synonyms : sublime

पूजा करण्यायोग्य.

गौतमबुद्ध हे पूजनीय व्यक्ती होते.
उपास्य, पूजनीय, पूजार्ह, पूज्य

श्रद्धा ठेवण्यास योग्य असा वा ज्यावर श्रद्धा ठेवावी असा.

गुरू हा श्रद्धेय असतो.
पूजनीय, श्रद्धेय