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Meaning of word rout from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

rout (noun)

Meaning : A disorderly crowd of people.

Synonyms : mob, rabble

Meaning : An overwhelming defeat.

rout (verb)

Meaning : Cause to flee.

Example : Rout out the fighters from their caves.

Synonyms : expel, rout out

डरा-धमकाकर किसी को कहीं से हटाना।

राजीव ने दरवाज़े पर बैठे कुत्ते को खदेड़ा।
खदेड़ देना, खदेड़ना, भगा देना, भगाना

Meaning : Dig with the snout.

Example : The pig was rooting for truffles.

Synonyms : root, rootle

Meaning : Make a groove in.

Synonyms : gouge

Meaning : Defeat disastrously.

Synonyms : spread-eagle, spreadeagle