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Meaning of word undress from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

undress (noun)

Meaning : Partial or complete nakedness.

Example : A state of undress.

undress (verb)

Meaning : Get undressed.

Example : Please don't undress in front of everybody!.
She strips in front of strangers every night for a living.

Synonyms : discase, disrobe, peel, strip, strip down, uncase, unclothe

Put on clothes.

We had to dress quickly.
Dress the patient.
Can the child dress by herself?.
dress, get dressed

Provide with clothes or put clothes on.

Parents must feed and dress their child.
apparel, clothe, dress, enclothe, fit out, garb, garment, habilitate, raiment, tog

Meaning : Remove (someone's or one's own) clothes.

Example : The nurse quickly undressed the accident victim.
She divested herself of her outdoor clothes.
He disinvested himself of his garments.

Synonyms : disinvest, divest, strip

पहनी हुई वस्तु को अलग करना।

बच्चे ने स्नान करने के लिए अपने कपड़े उतारे।
उतारना, खोलना, निकालना

कपडे, दागिने वगैरे घातलेली वस्तू अंगावरून दूर करणे.

एक एक करून त्याने अंगावरचे दागिने उतरले.
उतरणे, उतरवणे, काढणे