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Meaning of word undulate from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

undulate (verb)

Meaning : Stir up (water) so as to form ripples.

Synonyms : cockle, riffle, ripple, ruffle

Meaning : Occur in soft rounded shapes.

Example : The hills rolled past.

Synonyms : roll

Meaning : Move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion.

Example : The curtains undulated.
The waves rolled towards the beach.

Synonyms : flap, roll, wave

हवा के झोंके, आघात आदि के कारण द्रव का अपने तल से कुछ ऊपर उठना और गिरना।

समुद्र का पानी हमेशा लहराता है।
तरंगित होना, लहराना, लहरें उठना

हवेचा जोर, आघात इत्यादींमुळे पाण्याचे पृष्ठभागापासून काहीसे वर येणे व खाली पडणे.

समुद्राचे पाणी नेहमी उसळते.

Meaning : Increase and decrease in volume or pitch, as if in waves.

Example : The singer's voice undulated.

undulate (adjective)

Meaning : Having a wavy margin and rippled surface.