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Meaning of word bounce from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

bounce   noun

Meaning : The quality of a substance that is able to rebound.

Synonyms : bounciness

उछलने का गुण या अवस्था।

इस रबर की गेंद में बहुत उछाल है।
उछार, उछाल

Meaning : A light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards.

Synonyms : bound, leap, leaping, saltation, spring

कहीं पहुँचने के लिए उछलने की क्रिया।

उसने एक ही छलाँग में गेंद पकड़ी।
कुदान, छलाँग, छलांग, फलाँग, फलांग, फाल

उछलने की क्रिया या भाव।

उछलन से हाथ-पैर में चोट लग सकती है।
उच्छलन, उछलन

Meaning : Rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts).

Synonyms : bouncing

bounce   verb

Meaning : Spring back. Spring away from an impact.

Example : The rubber ball bounced.
These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide.

Synonyms : bound, rebound, recoil, resile, reverberate, ricochet, spring, take a hop

Meaning : Hit something so that it bounces.

Example : Bounce a ball.

Meaning : Move up and down repeatedly.

Synonyms : jounce

Meaning : Come back after being refused.

Example : The check bounced.

Be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts.

The check will clear within 2 business days.

Meaning : Leap suddenly.

Example : He bounced to his feet.

Meaning : Refuse to accept and send back.

Example : Bounce a check.

Meaning : Eject from the premises.

Example : The ex-boxer's job is to bounce people who want to enter this private club.


Bounce ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Bounce ka matlab kya hota hai?