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Meaning of word comparable from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

comparable   adjective

Meaning : Able to be compared or worthy of comparison.

जो तुलना के योग्य हो।

आपका व्यक्तित्व भगवान राम से तुलनीय है।
तुलनीय, तुल्य

उपमा के योग्य।

साहित्य में प्रत्येक प्राकृतिक वस्तु उपमेय है।
उपमित, उपमेय

Such that comparison is impossible. Unsuitable for comparison or lacking features that can be compared.

An incomparable week of rest and pleasure.
The computer proceeds with its incomparable logic and efficiency.
This report is incomparable with the earlier ones because of different breakdowns of the data.
incomparable, uncomparable

Meaning : Conforming in every respect.

Example : Boxes with corresponding dimensions.
The like period of the preceding year.

Synonyms : corresponding, like


Comparable ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Comparable ka matlab kya hota hai?