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Meaning of word long from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

long   verb

Meaning : Desire strongly or persistently.

Synonyms : hanker, yearn

किसी पदार्थ को पाने की लगातार तीव्र इच्छा करना तथा उसके अभाव में दुख सहना।

इस मुल्क में अधिकांश जनता मूलभूत जरुरतों के लिए तरस रही है।
तरसना, हड़कना, हुड़कना

long   adjective

Meaning : Primarily temporal sense. Being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified.

Example : A long life.
A long boring speech.
A long time.
A long friendship.
A long game.
Long ago.
An hour long.

Primarily temporal sense. Indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration.

A short life.
A short flight.
A short holiday.
A short story.
Only a few short months.

Meaning : Primarily spatial sense. Of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified.

Example : A long road.
A long distance.
Contained many long words.
Ten miles long.

(primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length.

Short skirts.
Short hair.
The board was a foot short.
A short toss.

Meaning : Of relatively great height.

Example : A race of long gaunt men.
Looked out the long French windows.

Meaning : Good at remembering.

Example : A retentive mind.
Tenacious memory.

Synonyms : recollective, retentive, tenacious

(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range.

A short memory.
forgetful, short, unretentive

Meaning : Holding securities or commodities in expectation of a rise in prices.

Example : Is long on coffee.
A long position in gold.

Not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices.

A short sale.
Short in cotton.

Meaning : (of speech sounds or syllables) of relatively long duration.

Example : The English vowel sounds in `bate', `beat', `bite', `boat', `boot' are long.

जिसमें अधिक समय लगे।

बहू में हू का उच्चारण दीर्घ है।

Of speech sounds or syllables of relatively short duration.

The English vowel sounds in `pat', `pet', `pit', `pot', putt' are short.

Meaning : Involving substantial risk.

Example : Long odds.

Meaning : Planning prudently for the future.

Example : Large goals that required farsighted policies.
Took a long view of the geopolitical issues.

Synonyms : farseeing, farsighted, foresighted, foresightful, longsighted, prospicient

भविष्य में बहुत दूर तक की बातें देखने या सोचनेवाला।

दूरदर्शी व्यक्ति समस्याओं में नहीं उलझता।
अग्रसोची, आकबत-अंदेश, आकबतअंदेश, आक़बत-अंदेश, आक़बतअंदेश, आगमसोची, दीर्घदर्शी, दीर्घप्रज्ञ, दूरंदेश, दूरदर्शी

Meaning : Having or being more than normal or necessary.

Example : Long on brains.
In long supply.

long   adverb

Meaning : For an extended time or at a distant time.

Example : A promotion long overdue.
Something long hoped for.
His name has long been forgotten.
Talked all night long.
How long will you be gone?.
Arrived long before he was expected.
It is long after your bedtime.

Meaning : For an extended distance.


Long ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Long ka matlab kya hota hai?