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Meaning of word lose from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

lose   verb

Meaning : Fail to keep or to maintain. Cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense.

Example : She lost her purse when she left it unattended on her seat.

Retain possession of.

Can I keep my old stuffed animals?.
She kept her maiden name after she married.
hold on, keep

Meaning : Fail to win.

Example : We lost the battle but we won the war.

प्रतियोगिता,युद्ध,खेल आदि में सफल न होने के कारण हाथ से उसे या उससे संबंध रखनेवाली चीज़े जाने देना।

रामनाथ जुए में पाँच हज़ार हार गया।

युद्ध, खेल, प्रतियोगिता आदि में प्रतिपक्षी के सामने विफल होना।

महाभारत के युद्ध में कौरव हारे।
असफल होना, पराजित होना, हार जाना, हारना

Be the winner in a contest or competition. Be victorious.

He won the Gold Medal in skating.
Our home team won.
Win the game.

Meaning : Suffer the loss of a person through death or removal.

Example : She lost her husband in the war.
The couple that wanted to adopt the child lost her when the biological parents claimed her.

Meaning : Miss from one's possessions. Lose sight of.

Example : I've lost my glasses again!.

Come upon after searching. Find the location of something that was missed or lost.

Did you find your glasses?.
I cannot find my gloves!.
find, regain

Meaning : Allow to go out of sight or mind.

Example : The detective lost the man he was shadowing after he had to stop at a red light.
Lose the crowds by climbing a mountain.
The lost tribe.

Meaning : Fail to make money in a business. Make a loss or fail to profit.

Example : I lost thousands of dollars on that bad investment!.
The company turned a loss after the first year.

Synonyms : turn a loss

Make a profit. Gain money or materially.

The company has not profited from the merger.
profit, turn a profit

Make neither profit nor loss.

break even

Meaning : Fail to get or obtain.

Example : I lost the opportunity to spend a year abroad.

Win something through one's efforts.

I acquired a passing knowledge of Chinese.
Gain an understanding of international finance.
Win someone's confidence and friendship.
acquire, gain, win

Meaning : Fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind.

Example : I missed that remark.
She missed his point.
We lost part of what he said.

Synonyms : miss

Meaning : Withdraw, as from reality.

Example : He lost himslef in his music.

Meaning : Be set at a disadvantage.

Example : This author really suffers in translation.
The painting loses something in this light.

Synonyms : suffer


Lose ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Lose ka matlab kya hota hai?