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Meaning of word pay from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

pay   noun

Meaning : Something that remunerates.

Example : Wages were paid by check.
He wasted his pay on drink.
They saved a quarter of all their earnings.

Synonyms : earnings, remuneration, salary, wage

वह धन जो किसी को कोई काम करते रहने के बदले में निश्चित अवधि पर दिया जाता है।

वह बहुत कम वेतन पर काम करता है।
तनख़ा, तनख़ाह, तनख़्वाह, तनखा, तनखाह, तनख्वाह, तन्ख़ाह, तन्ख़्वाह, तन्खाह, तन्ख्वाह, तलब, पगार, रातिब, वेतन, सेलरी, सैलरी

मजदूर को मिलनेवाला पारिश्रमिक।

वह प्रतिदिन सौ रूपए मजदूरी लेता है।
उजरत, मजदूरी, मज़दूरी, मजूरी

pay   verb

Meaning : Give money, usually in exchange for goods or services.

Example : I paid four dollars for this sandwich.
Pay the waitress, please.

मूल्य, देन आदि चुकाना।

आप बिजली का बिल बाद में चुकाइएगा।
अदा करना, चुकता करना, चुकाना, देना, पटाना, पूर्ति करना, भरना, भुगतान करना, भुगताना

Meaning : Convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.. Bestow.

Example : Don't pay him any mind.
Give the orders.
Give him my best regards.
Pay attention.

Synonyms : give

Meaning : Cancel or discharge a debt.

Example : Pay up, please!.

Synonyms : ante up, pay up

Fail to pay up.

default, default on

Meaning : Bring in.

Example : Interest-bearing accounts.
How much does this savings certificate pay annually?.

Synonyms : bear, yield

Meaning : Do or give something to somebody in return.

Example : Does she pay you for the work you are doing?.

Synonyms : compensate, make up, pay off

Meaning : Dedicate.

Example : Give thought to.
Give priority to.
Pay attention to.

Synonyms : devote, give

Meaning : Be worth it.

Example : It pays to go through the trouble.

Meaning : Render.

Example : Pay a visit.
Pay a call.

Meaning : Bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

Example : You'll pay for this!.
She had to pay the penalty for speaking out rashly.
You'll pay for this opinion later.

किसी को भरने में प्रवृत करना।

ग्रंथालय की पुस्तक समय पर न लौटाने के कारण पुस्तकाध्यक्ष ने पचास रूपए ज़ुर्माना भरवाया।
भरवाना, भराना

Meaning : Make a compensation for.

Example : A favor that cannot be paid back.

Meaning : Discharge or settle.

Example : Pay a debt.
Pay an obligation.

कुछ शेष न रखना।

उसने पिताजी का कर्ज चुका दिया।
मैंने उनका एहसान चुका दिया।
अदा करना, चुका देना, चुकाना, बेबाक़ करना


Pay ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Pay ka matlab kya hota hai?