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Meaning of word stab from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

stab   noun

Meaning : A sudden sharp feeling.

Example : Pangs of regret.
She felt a stab of excitement.
Twinges of conscience.

Synonyms : pang, twinge

रह-रहकर उठनेवाला दर्द।

लगता है टीस से मेरी जान ही निकल जाएगी।
कसक, खलिस, ख़लिस, चबक, चमक, चिक, चिलक, टसक, टीस, ठनक, ररक, हूक

Meaning : A strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument.

Example : One strong stab to the heart killed him.

Synonyms : knife thrust, thrust

Meaning : Informal words for any attempt or effort.

Example : He gave it his best shot.
He took a stab at forecasting.

Synonyms : shot

stab   verb

Meaning : Use a knife on.

Example : The victim was knifed to death.

Synonyms : knife

Meaning : Stab or pierce.

Example : He jabbed the piece of meat with his pocket knife.

Synonyms : jab

Meaning : Poke or thrust abruptly.

Example : He jabbed his finger into her ribs.

Synonyms : dig, jab, poke, prod

किसी वस्तु को किसी स्तर में जोर से गड़ाना।

मोहन ने सोहन के पेट में चाकू घोंप दिया।
घुसाना, घुसेड़ना, घोंपना, धँसाना, पेलना, भोंकना, भौंकना


Stab ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Stab ka matlab kya hota hai?