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Meaning of word fall out from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

fall out (verb)

Meaning : Have a breach in relations.

Example : We fell out over a trivial question.

Meaning : Come as a logical consequence. Follow logically.

Example : It follows that your assertion is false.
The theorem falls out nicely.

Synonyms : follow

Meaning : Come off.

Example : His hair and teeth fell out.

Synonyms : come out

Meaning : Leave (a barracks) in order to take a place in a military formation, or leave a military formation.

Example : The soldiers fell out.

Meaning : Come to pass.

Example : What is happening?.
The meeting took place off without an incidence.
Nothing occurred that seemed important.

Synonyms : come about, go on, hap, happen, occur, pass, pass off, take place