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Meaning of word bare from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

bare   adjective

Meaning : Completely unclothed.

Example : Bare bodies.
Naked from the waist up.
A nude model.

Synonyms : au naturel, naked, nude

Meaning : Lacking in magnitude or quantity.

Example : A bare livelihood.
A scanty harvest.
A spare diet.

Synonyms : scanty, spare

Meaning : Not having a protective covering.

Example : Unsheathed cables.
A bare blade.

Synonyms : unsheathed

Enclosed in a protective covering. Sometimes used in combination.

His sheathed sword.
The cat's sheathed claws.
A ship's bottom sheathed in copper.

Meaning : Lacking its natural or customary covering.

Example : A bare hill.
Bare feet.

Overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something. Sometimes used as a combining form.

Women with covered faces.
Covered wagons.
A covered balcony.

Meaning : Just barely adequate or within a lower limit.

Example : A bare majority.
A marginal victory.

Synonyms : marginal

Meaning : Apart from anything else. Without additions or modifications.

Example : Only the bare facts.
Shocked by the mere idea.
The simple passage of time was enough.
The simple truth.

Synonyms : mere, simple

Meaning : Lacking a surface finish such as paint.

Example : Bare wood.
Unfinished furniture.

Synonyms : unfinished

Meaning : Providing no shelter or sustenance.

Example : Bare rocky hills.
Barren lands.
The bleak treeless regions of the high Andes.
The desolate surface of the moon.
A stark landscape.

Synonyms : barren, bleak, desolate, stark

जहाँ वनस्पति न हो (क्षेत्र)।

लगातर कई सालों तक बारिश न होने से यह क्षेत्र उजाड़ हो गया है।
उजाड़, वनस्पतिहीन, शस्यहीन

Meaning : Having everything extraneous removed including contents.

Example : The bare walls.
The cupboard was bare.

Synonyms : stripped

Meaning : Lacking embellishment or ornamentation.

Example : A plain hair style.
Unembellished white walls.
Functional architecture featuring stark unornamented concrete.

Synonyms : plain, spare, unembellished, unornamented

जो अलंकृत न हो।

अनलंकृत वेशभूषा के बाद भी साध्वी का चेहरा दमक रहा था।
अनलंकृत, अनसजा, अमंडित, अलंकारहीन, अविभूषित

bare   verb

Meaning : Lay bare.

Example : Bare your breasts.
Bare your feelings.

Meaning : Make public.

Example : She aired her opinions on welfare.

Synonyms : air, publicise, publicize

Meaning : Lay bare.

Example : Denude a forest.

Synonyms : denudate, denude, strip

छल-कपट को ऊपर से ढके हुए अच्छाई के आवरण को हटाना।

चंचला ने कचहरी में अपने ससुराल वालों को सरेआम नंगा कर दिया।
उघाड़ना, उघारना, नंगा करना, नंगियाना

शरीर पर से वस्त्र उतारना।

माँ बच्चे को नहलाने के लिए नंगा कर रही है।
उघाड़ना, उघारना, नंगा करना, नंगियाना


Bare ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Bare ka matlab kya hota hai?