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Meaning of word defeat from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

defeat   noun

Meaning : An unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest.

Example : It was a narrow defeat.
The army's only defeat.
They suffered a convincing licking.

Synonyms : licking

पराजित होने की अवस्था या भाव।

इस चुनाव में उसकी हार निश्चित है।
चुनाव में उसको पराजय हाथ लगी।
अजय, अजै, अनभिभव, अभिभव, अभिभूति, अभिषंग, अभिषङ्ग, अवगणन, अवजय, अवज्ञा, अवसाद, असफलता, आपजय, आवर्जन, पराजय, पराभव, परिभाव, परीभाव, प्रसाह, भंग, भङ्ग, मात, विघात, शिकस्त, हार

A successful ending of a struggle or contest.

A narrow victory.
The general always gets credit for his army's victory.
Clinched a victory.
Convincing victory.
The agreement was a triumph for common sense.
triumph, victory

Meaning : The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.

Synonyms : frustration

विफलता के कारण होने वाली घोर निराशा।

बार-बार परीक्षा में असफल होने के कारण वह कुंठा से ग्रस्त हो गई है।
कुंठा, कुण्ठा

defeat   verb

Meaning : Win a victory over.

Example : You must overcome all difficulties.
Defeat your enemies.
He overcame his shyness.
He overcame his infirmity.
Her anger got the better of her and she blew up.

Synonyms : get the better of, overcome

प्रतियोगिता में विपक्षी को हराना या पीछे छोड़ना।

साइकिल दौड़ में महेश ने सूरज को पछाड़ दिया।
ढेर करना, धूल चटाना, पछाड़ना, पराजित करना, परास्त करना, मात देना, मारना, शिकस्त देना, हराना

Meaning : Thwart the passage of.

Example : Kill a motion.
He shot down the student's proposal.

Synonyms : kill, shoot down, vote down, vote out


Defeat ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Defeat ka matlab kya hota hai?