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Meaning of word directly from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

directly   adverb

Meaning : Without deviation.

Example : The path leads directly to the lake.
Went direct to the office.

Synonyms : direct, straight

बिना बीच में रुके।

तुम यहाँ से सीधे घर जाना।
सीधा, सीधे

बिना मुड़े, घूमे या झुके।

आप यहाँ से सीधे जाइए और डाकखाने से बाएँ मुड़ जाइएगा।
सीधा, सीधे

Meaning : Without anyone or anything intervening.

Example : These two factors are directly related.
He was directly responsible.
Measured the physical properties directly.

संबंधित व्यक्ति आदि को अनदेखा करके।

तुम बिना हमसे पूछे सीधे उनसे रुपए माँग लाए!।
परभारे, सीधे

बिना मध्यस्थ के।

मैंने रुपयों के लिए सीधे उनसे बात की थी।
सीधा, सीधे

Meaning : Without delay or hesitation. With no time intervening.

Example : He answered immediately.
Found an answer straightaway.
An official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith.
Come here now!.

Synonyms : at once, forthwith, immediately, instantly, like a shot, now, right away, straight off, straightaway

Meaning : In a forthright manner. Candidly or frankly.

Example : He didn't answer directly.
Told me straight out.
Came out flat for less work and more pay.

Synonyms : flat, straight

Not in a forthright manner.

He answered very indirectly.


Directly ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Directly ka matlab kya hota hai?