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Meaning of word distort from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

distort   verb

Meaning : Make false by mutilation or addition. As of a message or story.

Synonyms : falsify, garble, warp

किसी के बात,कथन आदि को असत्य कहना।

उसने मेरी बात को झुठला दिया।

Meaning : Form into a spiral shape.

Example : The cord is all twisted.

Synonyms : twine, twist

तागों, तारों आदि को एक में मिलाकर इस प्रकार मरोड़ना कि वे मिलकर रस्सी आदि के रूप में एक हो जाएँ।

दादाजी जगत पर बैठकर रस्सी बट रहे हैं।
ऐंठना, पूरना, बँटना, बटना, बलाई, भाँजना

Cause to become untwisted.


Meaning : Twist and press out of shape.

Synonyms : contort, deform, wring

Meaning : Affect as in thought or feeling.

Example : My personal feelings color my judgment in this case.
The sadness tinged his life.

Synonyms : color, colour, tinge

Meaning : Alter the shape of (something) by stress.

Example : His body was deformed by leprosy.

Synonyms : deform, strain


Distort ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Distort ka matlab kya hota hai?