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Meaning of word easy from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

easy   adjective

Meaning : Posing no difficulty. Requiring little effort.

Example : An easy job.
An easy problem.
An easy victory.
The house is easy to heat.
Satisfied with easy answers.
Took the easy way out of his dilemma.

Not easy. Requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure.

A difficult task.
Nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access.
Difficult times.
Why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?.
difficult, hard

Meaning : Not hurried or forced.

Example : An easy walk around the block.
At a leisurely (or easygoing) pace.

Synonyms : easygoing, leisurely

Meaning : Free from worry or anxiety.

Example : Knowing that I had done my best, my mind was easy.
An easy good-natured manner.
By the time the child faced the actual problem of reading she was familiar and at ease with all the elements words.

Lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance.

Farmers were uneasy until rain finally came.
Uneasy about his health.
Gave an uneasy laugh.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
An uneasy coalition government.
An uneasy calm.
An uneasy silence fell on the group.

Meaning : Affording pleasure.

Example : Easy good looks.

Meaning : Having little impact.

Example : An easy pat on the shoulder.
Gentle rain.
A gentle breeze.
A soft (or light) tapping at the window.

Synonyms : gentle, soft

Meaning : Readily exploited or tricked.

Example : An easy victim.
An easy mark.

Meaning : In fortunate circumstances financially. Moderately rich.

Example : They were comfortable or even wealthy by some standards.
Easy living.
A prosperous family.
His family is well-situated financially.
Well-to-do members of the community.

Synonyms : comfortable, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-situated, well-to-do

Meaning : Marked by moderate steepness.

Example : An easy climb.
A gentle slope.

Synonyms : gentle

Meaning : Affording comfort.

Example : Soft light that was easy on the eyes.

Meaning : Casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior.

Example : Her easy virtue.
He was told to avoid loose (or light) women.
Wanton behavior.

Synonyms : light, loose, promiscuous, sluttish, wanton

Meaning : Less in demand and therefore readily obtainable.

Example : Commodities are easy this quarter.

Meaning : Obtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally.

Example : Easy money.

easy   adverb

Meaning : With ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily').

Example : She was easily excited.
Was easily confused.
He won easily.
This china breaks very easily.
Success came too easy.

Synonyms : easily

Meaning : Without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly').

Example : He spoke slowly.
Go easy here--the road is slippery.
Glaciers move tardily.
Please go slow so I can see the sights.

Synonyms : slow, slowly, tardily

नीची या हल्की आवाज़ या स्वर में।

थोड़ा धीरे बोलो।
आसते, आस्ते, आहिस्ता, आहिस्ता से, आहिस्ते, आहिस्ते से, धीमे, धीरे, हौले

इस प्रकार से कि जल्दी किसी को पता न चले।

वह धीरे से अपने कपड़े उठाकर निकल गया।
आसते से, आस्ते से, आहिस्ता से, आहिस्ते से, धीमे से, धीरे से

With speed.

He works quickly.
John got ready in short order.
apace, chop-chop, in short order, quickly, rapidly, speedily

Meaning : In a relaxed manner. Or without hardship.

Example : Just wanted to take it easy.
The judge went easy on the young defendant.

Synonyms : soft


Easy ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Easy ka matlab kya hota hai?