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Meaning of word fit from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

fit   noun

Meaning : A display of bad temper.

Example : He had a fit.
She threw a tantrum.
He made a scene.

Synonyms : conniption, scene, tantrum

क्रुद्ध या खिन्न होने की क्रिया या भाव।

उसकी झल्लाहट देखकर मैं हँस पड़ा।
झल्लाहट, झुंझलाहट, बौखलाहट, भभक

Meaning : A sudden uncontrollable attack.

Example : A paroxysm of giggling.
A fit of coughing.
Convulsions of laughter.

Synonyms : convulsion, paroxysm

Meaning : The manner in which something fits.

Example : I admired the fit of her coat.

Meaning : A sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason).

Example : A burst of applause.
A fit of housecleaning.

Synonyms : burst

fit   verb

Meaning : Be agreeable or acceptable to.

Example : This suits my needs.

Synonyms : accommodate, suit

Meaning : Be the right size or shape. Fit correctly or as desired.

Example : This piece won't fit into the puzzle.

Synonyms : go

Meaning : Make fit.

Example : Fit a dress.
He fitted other pieces of paper to his cut-out.

Meaning : Insert or adjust several objects or people.

Example : Can you fit the toy into the box?.
This man can't fit himself into our work environment.

Meaning : Be compatible, similar or consistent. Coincide in their characteristics.

Example : The two stories don't agree in many details.
The handwriting checks with the signature on the check.
The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun.

Synonyms : agree, check, correspond, gibe, jibe, match, tally

Be different from one another.

disaccord, disagree, discord

Meaning : Conform to some shape or size.

Example : How does this shirt fit?.

कपड़ा, गहना आदि का शरीर पर ठीक तरह से बैठना।

इतनी छोटी कमीज़ मुझे नहीं आएगी।
आना, ठीक आना, ठीक होना, फिट आना, फिट होना, सधना, होना

Meaning : Provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose.

Example : The expedition was equipped with proper clothing, food, and other necessities.

Synonyms : equip, fit out, outfit

Meaning : Fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction.

Example : Does this paper meet the requirements for the degree?.
This job doesn't match my dreams.
Meet a need.

Synonyms : conform to, fill, fulfil, fulfill, meet, satisfy

Meaning : Make correspond or harmonize.

Example : Match my sweater.

Synonyms : match

fit   adjective

Meaning : Meeting adequate standards for a purpose.

Example : A fit subject for discussion.
It is fit and proper that you be there.
Water fit to drink.
Fit for duty.
Do as you see fit to.

Below the required standards for a purpose.

An unfit parent.
Unfit for human consumption.

Meaning : (usually followed by `to' or `for') on the point of or strongly disposed.

Example : In no fit state to continue.
Fit to drop.
Laughing fit to burst.
She was fit to scream.
Primed for a fight.
We are set to go at any time.

Synonyms : primed, set

Meaning : Physically and mentally sound or healthy.

Example : Felt relaxed and fit after their holiday.
Keeps fit with diet and exercise.

जो अपंग न हो।

वह सर्वांग व्यक्ति है पर अपंग होने का नाटक कर रहा है।
अनपंग, पूर्णकाय, सर्वांग

Not in good physical or mental condition. Out of condition.

Fat and very unfit.
Certified as unfit for army service.
Drunk and unfit for service.


Fit ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Fit ka matlab kya hota hai?