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Meaning of word harshness from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

harshness   noun

Meaning : The roughness of a substance that causes abrasions.

Synonyms : abrasiveness, scratchiness

Meaning : The quality of being harsh or rough or grating to the senses.

Synonyms : roughness

Meaning : The quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance.

Synonyms : cruelness, cruelty

निर्दय होने की अवस्था, गुण या भाव।

सुरेश मज़दूरों से निर्दयता के साथ व्यवहार करता है।
अदया, अहृदयता, उग्रता, कठोरता, कड़ाई, करुणाहीनता, क्रूरता, दयाहीनता, निठुरता, निठुराई, निठुराव, निर्दयता, निष्ठुरता, नृशंसता, बेरहमी, सख़्ती, सख्ती, हृदयहीनता

Meaning : Excessive sternness.

Example : Severity of character.
The harshness of his punishment was inhuman.
The rigors of boot camp.

Synonyms : hardness, inclemency, rigor, rigorousness, rigour, rigourousness, severeness, severity, stiffness


Harshness ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Harshness ka matlab kya hota hai?