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Meaning of word minor from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

minor   noun

Meaning : A young person of either sex.

Example : She writes books for children.
They're just kids.
`tiddler' is a British term for youngster.

Synonyms : child, fry, kid, nestling, nipper, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke, youngster

कम उम्र की लड़की या लड़का।

वह बच्चों के लिए भी कहानियाँ लिखता है।
यह फिल्म बच्चों को बहुत अच्छी लग रही है।
नन्हा मुन्ना, नन्हा-मुन्ना, बच्चा

वह जो बालिग़ न हो।

नाबालिग़ों को वोट देने का अधिकार नहीं है।
अल्पवयस्क, अवयस्क, नाबालिग, नाबालिग़

minor   adjective

Meaning : Of lesser importance or stature or rank.

Example : A minor poet.
Had a minor part in the play.
A minor official.
Many of these hardy adventurers were minor noblemen.
Minor back roads.

Of greater importance or stature or rank.

A major artist.
A major role.
Major highways.

Meaning : Lesser in scope or effect.

Example : Had minor differences.
A minor disturbance.

Greater in scope or effect.

A major contribution.
A major improvement.
A major break with tradition.
A major misunderstanding.

Meaning : Inferior in number or size or amount.

Example : A minor share of the profits.
Ursa Minor.

Greater in number or size or amount.

A major portion (a majority) of the population.
Ursa Major.
A major portion of the winnings.

Meaning : (of a scale or mode) having half steps between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth degrees, and the seventh and eighth degrees.

Example : The minor keys.
In B flat minor.

(of a scale or mode) having half steps between the third and fourth degrees and the seventh and eighth degrees.

Major scales.
The key of D major.

Meaning : Not of legal age.

Example : Minor children.

Synonyms : nonaged, underage

Of full legal age.


Meaning : Of lesser seriousness or danger.

Example : Suffered only minor injuries.
Some minor flooding.
A minor tropical disturbance.

Of greater seriousness or danger.

A major earthquake.
A major hurricane.
A major illness.

Meaning : Of your secondary field of academic concentration or specialization.

Of the field of academic study in which one concentrates or specializes.

His major field was mathematics.

Meaning : Of the younger of two boys with the same family name.

Example : Jones minor.

Meaning : Warranting only temporal punishment.

Example : Venial sin.

Synonyms : venial

Meaning : Relatively moderate, limited, or small.

Example : A small business.
A newspaper with a modest circulation.
Small-scale plans.
A pocket-size country.

Synonyms : modest, pocket-size, pocket-sized, small, small-scale

minor   verb

Meaning : Have as one's secondary field of study.

Example : In collee she minored in mathematics.


Minor ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Minor ka matlab kya hota hai?