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Meaning of word north from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

north   noun

Meaning : The region of the United States lying to the north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Meaning : The United States (especially the northern states during the American Civil War).

Example : He has visited every state in the Union.
Lee hoped to detach Maryland from the Union.
The North's superior resources turned the scale.

Synonyms : union

* यूनाइटेड स्टेट या संघीय राज्य (खासकर अमरीकी गृह युद्ध के दौरान के उत्तरी राज्य )।

ली मेरीलैंड को यूनियन से अलग करना चाहता था।
उत्तर, नार्थ, नॉर्थ, यूनियन, संघ

Meaning : The cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees.

Synonyms : due north, n, northward

* दिक्सूचक-यंत्र का वह प्रधान बिन्दु जो शून्य या तीन सौ साठ डिग्री पर होता है।

उत्तर हमेशा उत्तर दिशा की ओर ही होता है।

Meaning : A location in the northern part of a country, region, or city.

Meaning : The direction corresponding to the northward cardinal compass point.

Meaning : The direction in which a compass needle points.

Synonyms : compass north, magnetic north

दक्षिण दिशा के सामने की दिशा।

भारत के उत्तर में हिमालय पर्वत विराजमान है।
उत्तर, उत्तर दिशा, उदीची, तिर्यग्दिश्, शिमाल

Meaning : British statesman under George III whose policies led to rebellion in the American colonies (1732-1792).

Synonyms : frederick north, second earl of guilford

* ब्रिटेन के एक प्रसिद्ध राजनीतिज्ञ।

नॉर्थ का जन्म सत्तरह सौ बत्तीस में हुआ था।
नार्थ, नॉर्थ, फ्रेडरिक नॉर्थ, फ्रेडेरिक नार्थ

north   adjective

Meaning : Situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north.

Example : Artists like north light.
The north portico.

Situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south.

The south entrance.

north   adverb

Meaning : In a northern direction.

Example : They earn more up north.
Let's go north!.

Synonyms : northerly, northward, northwards


North ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. North ka matlab kya hota hai?