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Meaning of word plunk from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

plunk   noun

Meaning : A hollow twanging sound.

Meaning : (baseball) hitting a baseball so that it drops suddenly.

Synonyms : plunker

plunk   verb

Meaning : Make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground.

Synonyms : clop, clump, clunk

Meaning : Set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise.

Example : He planked the money on the table.
He planked himself into the sofa.

Synonyms : flump, plank, plonk, plop, plump, plump down, plunk down

किसी वस्तु, व्यक्ति या किसी भाग को ज़ोर के साथ ऊँचे स्थान से नीचे की ओर गिराना।

बच्चा खिलौनों को पटक रहा है।

Meaning : Drop steeply.

Example : The stock market plunged.

Synonyms : dive, plunge

Meaning : Pull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion.

Example : He plucked the strings of his mandolin.

Synonyms : pick, pluck

plunk   adverb

Meaning : With a short hollow thud.

Example : Plop came the ball down to the corner of the green.

Synonyms : plop


Plunk ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Plunk ka matlab kya hota hai?