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Meaning of word recall from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

recall   noun

Meaning : A request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair).

Synonyms : callback

Meaning : A call to return.

Example : The recall of our ambassador.

Meaning : A bugle call that signals troops to return.

Meaning : The process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort).

Example : He has total recall of the episode.

Synonyms : recollection, reminiscence

भूली हुई बात फिर से याद आ जाने की क्रिया।

बचपन में शिक्षक द्वारा पड़ी मार का अनुस्मरण आते ही उमेश सहम गया।

Meaning : The act of removing an official by petition.

recall   verb

Meaning : Recall knowledge from memory. Have a recollection.

Example : I can't remember saying any such thing.
I can't think what her last name was.
Can you remember her phone number?.
Do you remember that he once loved you?.
Call up memories.

Synonyms : call back, call up, recollect, remember, retrieve, think

Be unable to remember.

I'm drawing a blank.
You are blocking the name of your first wife!.
blank out, block, draw a blank, forget

Meaning : Go back to something earlier.

Example : This harks back to a previous remark of his.

Synonyms : come back, hark back, return

Meaning : Call to mind.

Example : His words echoed John F. Kennedy.

Synonyms : echo

Meaning : Summon to return.

Example : The ambassador was recalled to his country.
The company called back many of the workers it had laid off during the recession.

Synonyms : call back

किसी को उसके पहली जगह पर लाना या अधिकार आदि देकर पहलेवाली स्थिति में कर देना।

सरकार ने कई वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों को वापस बुलाया।
वापस बुलाना

Meaning : Cause one's (or someone else's) thoughts or attention to return from a reverie or digression.

Example : She was recalled by a loud laugh.

Meaning : Make unavailable. Bar from sale or distribution.

Example : The company recalled the product when it was found to be faulty.

Circulate or distribute or equip with.

Issue a new uniform to the children.
Supply blankets for the beds.
issue, supply

Meaning : Cause to be returned.

Example : Recall the defective auto tires.
The manufacturer tried to call back the spoilt yoghurt.

Synonyms : call back, call in, withdraw


Recall ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Recall ka matlab kya hota hai?