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Meaning of word relation from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

relation   noun

Meaning : An abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together.

Meaning : Sexual activity between individuals, especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

Synonyms : carnal knowledge, coition, coitus, copulation, intercourse, sex act, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation

Meaning : A person related by blood or marriage.

Example : Police are searching for relatives of the deceased.
He has distant relations back in New Jersey.

Synonyms : relative

वह व्यक्ति जिससे कोई रिश्ता हो।

मेरे एक रिश्तेदार दिल्ली में रहते हैं।
अज़ीज़, अजीज, अनुबंधी, अनुबन्धी, नतैत, नातेदार, बाँधव, बांधव, बान्धव, भाई बंधु, भाई-बंधु, रिश्तेदार, शरीक, संबंधी, स्वजन

नजदीकी रिश्तेदार।

राम ने अपनी शादी में केवल निकटसंबंधियों को ही बुलाया था।
निकटसंबंधी, निकटसम्बन्धी

Meaning : An act of narration.

Example : He was the hero according to his own relation.
His endless recounting of the incident eventually became unbearable.

Synonyms : recounting, telling

Meaning : (law) the principle that an act done at a later time is deemed by law to have occurred at an earlier time.

Example : His attorney argued for the relation back of the amended complaint to the time the initial complaint was filed.

Synonyms : relation back

Meaning : (usually plural) mutual dealings or connections among persons or groups.

Example : International relations.


Relation ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Relation ka matlab kya hota hai?