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Meaning of word sharpen from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

sharpen   verb

Meaning : Make sharp or sharper.

Example : Sharpen the knives.

रेती से रगड़कर काटना या ऊपरी अंश कम करना।

वह चारा काटने के लिए गड़ासे को रेत रहा है।

किसी हथियार आदि की धार को रगड़कर तेज करना।

किसान कुदाल की धार को पैना कर रहा है।
पैना करना, पैनाना

Make dull or blunt.

Too much cutting dulls the knife's edge.
blunt, dull

Meaning : Make crisp or more crisp and precise.

Example : We had to sharpen our arguments.

Meaning : Become sharp or sharper.

Example : The debate sharpened.

Meaning : Put (an image) into focus.

Example : Please focus the image; we cannot enjoy the movie.

Synonyms : focalise, focalize, focus

Make dim or indistinct.

The fog blurs my vision.
blear, blur

Meaning : Make (images or sounds) sharp or sharper.

Make (images or sounds) soft or softer.


Meaning : Raise the pitch of (musical notes).

Lower the pitch of (musical notes).

drop, flatten

Meaning : Give a point to.

Example : The candles are tapered.

Synonyms : point, taper

Meaning : Make (one's senses) more acute.

Example : This drug will sharpen your vision.

Synonyms : heighten


Sharpen ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Sharpen ka matlab kya hota hai?