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Meaning of word tongueless from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

tongueless   adjective

Meaning : Lacking a tongue.

Example : Tongueless moccasins.

Provided with or resembling a tongue. Often used in combination.

Tongued shoes.
Tongued boards.
Toungued lightning.

Meaning : Expressed without speech.

Example : A mute appeal.
A silent curse.
Best grief is tongueless.
The words stopped at her lips unsounded.
Unspoken grief.
Choking exasperation and wordless shame.

Synonyms : mute, unspoken, wordless

जो कुछ न बोले।

मौन व्यक्ति के हृदय में विचारों का मंथन चल रहा था।
उसकी बात सुनकर मैं अवाक रह गया।
अनबोल, अनबोला, अनुत्तर, अनूतर, अबैन, अबोल, अलपत, अवाक, अवाकी, अवाक्, अवाक्क, अवागी, औंगा, ख़ामोश, खामोश, चुप, चुप्प, निभृत, निर्वचन, निर्वाक, मौन, शांत, शान्त


Tongueless ka meaning, vilom shabd, paryayvachi aur samanarthi shabd in Hindi. Tongueless ka matlab kya hota hai?